Karuizawa Geisha Miyako Odori Cask 2267 bottled 2017 2000


Karuizawa – Miyako Odori is going to be a set of total 8 bottles of geisha label; each of them are from either a 1999 or 2000 distilled cask in single cask bottling.
Now the 4 bottles of them has been released, under the series name of Miyako Odori.
Miyako Odori is the biggest annual performance for the general public to experience geisha and maiko’s arts, which are usually reserved for a small well-connected audience or the important person. “Miyako” means capital city, while “Odori” means dance; the term literally means “Capital City Dances” (Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan). The performance takes place in April during the Spring time when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.


Karuizawa is one of the legendary whisky distilleries in Japan. It was founded in 1955 and situated on a beautiful vineyard in Asama of Karuizawa where is also a famous summer palace to Japanese.
Karuizawa is the smallest distillery in Japanese but its ambition is big. Karuizawa adopted the top standard in making of whisky. It used the famous barley Golden Promise, distilled in small batch and aged their spirit in finest Spanish sherry casks that made Karuizawa malt perfection in quality.
Although all these uncompromising principles made Karuizawa malt the masterpiece, it was irony that its persistence was unsustainable commercially at that time as the market was not ready to accept such a premium Japanese malt. Karuizawa distillery was stopped production in 2000 and completely closed in 2011.
Karuizawa’s old stocks are now the most precious and rarest Japanese malt ever existing in the market. It is foreseeable that Karuizawa malt, such a great, rare and classic but diminishing whisky will definitely becoming the treasures exclusively for the rich very soon.


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