Ch.Haut Brion Blanc 2002 750ml


Soaringly aromatic nose with a certain minerality and Sauvignon Blanc (which constitutes 78 per cent of this wine) much in evidence. Then the palate is very rich, without being in any way anything other than appetising – much richer than Laville – broad and most alluring. The wine is already very attractive because of the breadth of ripe fruit, although I’d guess that its strict total acidity is no lower than Laville’s. Great weight and naturally 13.5 per cent alcohol (less than Pavillon Blanc’s massive 14.8 but still big for Haut-Brion Blanc). Should have a great future with more acidity than usual.

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The oldest of the Bordeaux classed growths, the inventor of a new style of wine in the seventeenth century, the world’s first luxury brand.. Whenever Chateau Haut-Brion is mentioned, one quickly runs out of superlatives. this wine is the embodiment of five centuries of tradition and plays a pivotal role in the worldwide history of wine.
The initial impression is one of a certain discretion and even restraint the prerogative of any person with self-confidence. at every swirl, you discover new aromas, which build up into great complexity. The terroir is expressed in the wine through s unique signature with an empyreumatic bouquet (Havana cigars, chocolate, roasting, and cedar wood and so on). The attack has the same restraint with precise, exceedingly soft tannins. But the power of this wine is revealed in the surprising long mid-palate and even longer finish. This aromatic persistence is the prerogative of very great origins.


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