Armand Rousseau Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru 1985


As noted with the ’85 Chambertin (see herein), I have experienced quite a bit of bottle variation where the quality has ranged from sensational to tired and slightly soupy. The best examples offer a soaring and very expressive nose of kaleidoscope breadth as it display spicy, earthy and sous bois infused aromas. The medium-bodied and utterly delicious flavors are not especially big or powerful as the tannins are now fully resolved but there is so much velvet and beguiling complexity that this is utterly seductive. Beautiful juice. I would note though that even the best examples are unlikely to hold at this level for much longer and I would be inclined to be drinking this up over the next decade. Multiple but inconsistent notes.

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As years go by, Armand Rousseau continues to enlarge his Domain with the purchase of more Grands Crus: Mazy Chambertin in 1937, Mazoyeres Chambertin in 1940, Chambertin in 1943 and 1956.
The Clos Saint Jacques is bought in 1954 in his son Charles’s name who joins his father in 1945. In 1959, after Armand Rousseau’s death, Charles Rousseau is at the head of a Domain, continue developing rapidly. He then decides to turn principally towards export. He develops the exchanges first with European countries, then to Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Brazil, etc. and lastly Asia in the 1970’s.
In 1982, Eric, his son joined the team after his studies. He starts in the vineyards and introduces new techniques as green harvest, leaf removal and a mechanic work of the soil without insecticides or chemical additions. He orientates the Domaine near a viticulture more biologic and get involve with the vinification. He keeps a traditional way of winemaking with the minimum of manipulations.
The wines from Domaine Armand Rousseau have improve over the years but it has always kept the same spirit as when Armand and Charles were making it. The Rousseau hand is a style of wine very recognizable. The wines are typically Burgundian wines: Fine, Elegant and a honest, truly expression of the vineyards through the Pinot grape and a little piece of the winemaker.


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